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ADI-Logo2Some students come to us with an attitude that they already know enough, and that EDT is just another piece of paper they have to get ‘to beat the system’. At Cumbred we see things differently. If you do not take driving safely on board, you stand a good chance of the examiner picking up on your approach, and failing you.

The Essential Steps towards Becoming a Safe Driver

  • Understanding How a Car Works: You cannot drive a car without knowing what the controls are for any more than you can work a computer without understanding the function keys and how to turn it on. This is the reasoning behind ‘Car Controls and Safety’, and we will not let you drive until you know what to do in an emergency.
  • Understanding Vehicle Position: The ‘Correct Positioning’ module teaches you to place your vehicle correctly and interpret what others are doing. For example, if the driver in front of you slows down in the right hand lane chances are good they are planning on turning even if there is no signal. Cumbred has many more ‘messages of the road’ to share.
  • Moving to the Left or Right: Many collisions, rear-enders and sideswipes result from clumsy lane changes and left and right hand turns. The Essential Driver Training module ‘Changing Direction’ focuses on avoiding last minute decisions, and ensuring that other drivers around you are aware of your intentions.
  • Maintaining a Safe Speed: The government calls this ‘Progression Management’. We prefer to approach it from the point of view of ‘what is the correct speed under a given set of circumstances’. Nobody says you have to stick to the speed limit. You should be able to bring your vehicle to a safe halt within your stopping distance.

This completes the first phase of the Cumbred School of Motoring method of teaching EDT. We prepare our learners to pass their tests intelligently, and we believe this makes the difference between them passing with flying colours, and limping through at best. There are a further eight steps to EDT on the subject of sharing the road and responding correctly under more advanced conditions. Would you like to know more about these? If so, please leave a message and we will phone you back.

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